The Penn State Media Association fosters relationships across the Penn State community for the purpose of connecting students, alumni, professors, and friends passionate about creating and promoting a more robust cultural environment through media.

We are a Penn State Alumni Association Alumni Interest Group affiliate, one of many alumni organizations whose goal is to enrich the student experience while also providing an opportunity for alumni to continue to make an impact for their alma mater.

Among Penn State’s Alumni Interest Groups, the Penn State Media Association is the first whose mission is to connect students and future alumni interested in supporting an entire field of student activity, rather than a specific student organization.

Our aim is to support a diversity of student media endeavors, and relatedly, to promote a holistic approach to supporting student media that recognizes the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary media.

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    Robert K. Zimmerman Endowment Reaches $30,000

    The Penn State Media Association is pleased to announce that The Robert K. Zimmerman Endowment for Student Broadcasting has reached $30,000 in principal value. The Zimmerman Endowment generates approximately five percent interest revenue per year, and this revenue is used to support Penn State student broadcasting. Tom Shakely, Penn State Media Association board member and chair of the 2009-11 capital campaign that created the Robert K. Zimmerman Endowment, reflected on this news on his site: While the worth of traditional radio broadcasting is less clear than ever in the new media era, I remain bullish on the nature of student-created media—in this case, student broadcasting. Learning how to give voice to ideas and feelings, how to entertain an audience, how to be compelling, and how to share beautiful moments are skills all people can and should benefit from—especially in their formative years. This is one reason why I was always proud that The LION 90.7fm, as a campus station, was open to all students, professors, and even townspeople. The idea of our founders in the 1990s was that the campus station really should reflect the diversity of the campus and town communities—that campus broadcasting had to be an experience greater than simply that of an academic lab limited to Communications majors. I hope this guiding principle has seeped into the DNA of the campus leadership after nearly 20 years on the air. I think it has. In the years ahead I hope more alumni join us in continuing to build up The Robert K. Zimmerman Endowment and working to do more for students, especially in terms of relationships, friendships, and mentorship.
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    Robert K. Zimmerman Endowment for Student Broadcasting Reaches $25,000

    As a special sort of Christmas present to the generations of WDFM, WPSU, WKPS and other student radio alumni, we are pleased and proud to announce a very important milestone in the history of Penn State student radio: As of this week, the Robert K. Zimmerman Endowment for Student Broadcasting has exceeded $25,000, the benchmark set by Penn State for its activation and permanent status. Bob Zimmerman was an inspiration was generations of Penn State students, and an example of leadership for alumni. We’re pleased to be able to carry on his legacy of service. Beginning next year, interest revenue on the endowment will be available to support the operational needs of the radio station. This major accomplishment comes only 24 months from the start of fundraising efforts and in conjunction with the 60th Anniversary of student radio at Penn State (1951-2011). In the years to come, this growing endowment will help ensure a brighter future for independently programmed and operated Penn State student broadcasting. As we close out this difficult year for our alma mater, take this news as just another among countless examples of the great things that happen every day at Penn State. We hope you share good comfort and cheer with family and friends this Christmas season and wish you the very best for 2012! About Robert K. Zimmerman Bob Zimmerman began his broadcast career as a disc jockey at WARD (now WTLK) in Johnstown, while still in high school. He worked part-time as an announcer at WDFM while attending Penn State. In 1958, he returned to Johnstown as a radio and TV announcer. Four years later he moved to Washington, D.C., where he worked as announcer, salesman, sales manager, and general manager of the all-news radio station WAVA. In 1972, Zimmerman returned to State College. He and partner Roger Neuhoff purchased stations WRSC-AM and WQWK-FM. They expanded their holdings to thirteen stations and named the company Eastern Broadcasting Corporation. Zimmerman also opened a TV commercial production house, a cable ad sales office, and a cable videotext office. He retired as president of Tele-Media Broadcasting, the company formed from merging Eastern and Telemedia Cable. Because of his reputation as an outstanding manager, Zimmerman was named one of America’s eleven best radio managers in the 1985 book In Search of Excellence, a study of radio management by the National Association of Broadcasters and McKinsey Company. He has been a frequent speaker at NAB meetings. Zimmerman’s activities in the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters include sixteen years as a member of the Board of Directors. He served as PAB Joint Board Chairman in 1985. In 1991 he received the PAB Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1988, Zimmerman was designated a Paul Harris Fellow with the Rotary Humanitarian Award. He served as president of Back-the-Lions, the Visitors and Convention Bureau, the American Heart Association, and Centre Stage. He also served on the Board of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. In 1997, he was named Alumni Fellow, the Penn State Alumni Association’s highest award. He serves on the board of directors of the Mt. Nittany Conservancy and the Centre County Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association. Zimmerman is past president of Penn State’s College of Communications Alumni Society and chair of the College’s Telecommunications Liaison Committee. He is a member of the advisory board of student radio station WKPS. Zimmerman was instrumental in securing a permanent home for PAB’s Hall of Fame at Penn State. Source: Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters
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